Cool links of April

Cool links of April

Ho ho ho, this month the link stack is short. I didn’t have much time to read, and most importantly I’m finishing my studies for the year, which means I have examens to care about. Pfff… Anyway, I really recommend reading the Chinese Burner article and the Healing power of gardens. I loved thoses articles.

The Chinese Burner

Each year, the great festival of Burning Man takes place in the desert, in the so-called USA. Each year, people from all around the worl come to celebrate a lifestyle of freedom, drugs, sex and new or alternative ways of thinking. Also, they burn stuff. And recently, chineses people have started to come to Burning man. For most of them, they work in startups and are rich. This article is a tale of the clash of cultures and how the OG burners and the Chineses newbies lived together. Also, the picture of the chineses tents seem to come straight out of a sci-fi story.

Tech is Heroine

We’re not gonna solve the problems of tech with more tech. And, each tech we add to our lives has consequences that we don’t see right away. But already today, we are starting to ask ourselves why some people feel so lonely in front of a portal to the whole world. This article does a comparison between the heroïne crisis and the tech influcence in our life.

The healing power of gardens

When you wonder through a garden, you feel the daily stress fade away. Your mind opens to more peaceful thoughts, and for some people it even has a direct consequence on there well-being. This article is written by a doctor who helps neuroatypical people, and they talk about the way gardens heal, some time more than medication, people with neurological problems.

The South Bronx

A collection of pictures from the Bronx in the 1970?. The contrast between the Bronx and Manhattan is stunning ! Also, the pictures are very nice.

“Just Switch to Linux” Is The Loser’s Game

A new way to think about how to get people to switch to Linux.

Security Flaws in WPA3 Protocol Let Attackers Hack WiFi Password

I’ve never seen WPA3 in the wild, but even before that, it’s already borked ! What a nice time to live. I hope the people working in infosec have good hearts. In practice, it won’t really have an effect on your router, cause theses attacks are non-trivial and can be patched.

The state of mobile messaging

For the moment, it’s far from perfect. I just hope Matrix goes somewhere.

Edit : The link is broken, if somebody has the key to decrypt it, send it over to me !

‘It’s not play if you’re making money’: how Instagram and YouTube disrupted child labor laws

When you’re 5 years old, does having an instagram acccount, that makes your parents millions, is work ?

Les Liens cool du mois d’avril

Ce mois-ci, beaucoup d’analyse politique de l’actualité. En même temps, vu le climat politique en France en ce moment, c’est normal on va dire. Quelques liens aussi sur la technologie, et notamment une nouvelle qui est passée presque inapercue, à propos des écrans de pub dans le métro. Y’a pas grand choses, mais les partiels m’appellent.

Les ONG néolibérales et la corruption de la société civile

Une ONG c’est pas forcément un moyen de lutter contre le capitalisme. Des fois, c’est même le contraire.

Les travailleurs d’Amazon écoutent ce que vous dites à Alexa, son assistant vocal intelligent.

Qui aurait cru que un micro connecté à internet toute la journée serait une bonne idée ?

Quand l’économie circulaire ne tourne pas rond

Vous savez, cette nouvelle économie dite ‘circulaire’ qui serait censé réduire la consommation tout en permettant d’être plus respectueux de la nature, etc… hé bah c’est pas ouf en vrai. Déjà, Uber, à la base c’était partager sa caisse et arrondir ses fins de mois. Vinted, à la base, c’était vider ses placards. En vrai, c’est plutot permettre aux accro à la consommation de vêtement de revendre leurs achats. Pareil avec Too Good To Go, à la base c’est manger ce que les restaurant ont pas vendu ( même si ça devrait être gratuit ! ), mais maintenant c’est plus une promo éternelle dans les restaurant etc..

Et si l’avenir du féminisme était dans la tech

Tech et féminisme, quoi de neuf ?