Cool links of Febuary

In this month’s cool links, I’ll share a lot of content around agriculture, plants, and Solarpunk !

How Cuban agriculture went from industrial to sustainable and What Cuban can teach the world about organic farming

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Cuban couldn’t even have an industrial agriculture. So, after a special periode, out of necessity, most of the food is now grown on a small scale. Havana grows 90% of it’s own food.


A new standard to make email encryption easiers. Just in time for email’s death ?

Saudi Arabia runs a huge, sinister online database of women that men use to track them and stop them from running away

This shit is so fucked up on so many levels. It’s the perfect cyber-dystopian control system. It’s been like that for years, and even considering cutural differences that might make it hard for me to understand the more complexe social aspects, as one woman said in the article : it’s bullshit.

Nothing’s wrong with Facebook, Apple or Google !

When contradictions arise, you need to take a deep breath, and think for a second who is your ennemy and who is your friend.

Facebook can track you from dust on your webcam

Nothing a small bit of tape can’t fix. Let’s say it’s still a bit scary.

Find out teapots on the internet with this weird trick !

418 I’m a teapot. 🍵

Downloading adware on a Mac because of images

When even simple images aren’t safe…

Men too

“The me-too movement is an all-too-necessary crusade to expose the hidden prevalence of sexual assault and the men, particularly those in positions of authority, who abuse and intimidate non-consenting women.

Unfortunately public discourse has not advanced far beyond revelations of celebrity offenders and surface-level slogans as opposed to a constructive conversation about root causes, the complexities of consent, and a culture that seems to condone male sexual violence. The occasional public shaming might be cathartic but it is only a first step towards a solution. And in an environment with zero tolerance for dissent, men feel alienated from the conversation and so destructive male attitudes retreat to silence instead of being challenged.”

Lina Iris Viktor

Black, gold and art come together. Mostly paintings, with a slight Solarpunk vibe.

How Radix trees made blocking IPs 5000 times faster

“To most people, what you learn during a CS degree doesn’t help much in your day to day job. That being said, you sometimes run in a problem which could have been an example used by a CS professor when introducing some core notions. This is one such instance, in regard to data structures.”

Medic: A Rust CLI that checks the passwords of a KeePass database

“A Rust CLI that provides a variety of ways to check the “health” of a given KeePass database, including checking passwords against the Have I Been Pwned password list.”

A flower growing in outer-space.

A picture of a flower abord the International Space Station

How Atlanta Is Turning Ex-Cons Into Urban Farmers

“I was so used to seeing death that I didn’t know how it’d feel to see something grow,” Trent said. “To see plants grow full of life, from something I control, it’s probably the best feeling in the world.”


Cheap 0.30€ servers and more… Note : I am not sponsored in any way.

Being a Facebook moderator fucks you up.

Warning : this article talks a lot about mental trauma, death, traumatic behiavor, and more horrible things you might experience while browsing the internet.

Why you should really let nature do it’s thing in your backyard

“I wanted to share some things that I learned from growing native plants in my yard. This will be about what I learned about nature and some discoveries about how we might rethink the idea of the suburban yard from an alternate land management perspective.”

Liens en Français

Ric and Roll

C’est quoi le RIC ? Est-ce qu’un référundum va forcément être utilisé pour manipuler les masses ? Une petite vidéo d’Usul.

Pas de Google Home merci

Est-ce que tu rentrerait chez quelqu’un qui as un assistant vocal ? Une petite BD sur la question et ses implications.

Lutte de classes en France en 2019

“[···] la journaliste d’un quotidien proche du patronat, L’Opinion, révèle sur un plateau de télévision à quel point la bourrasque a soufflé fort : « Tous les grands groupes vont distribuer des primes, parce qu’ils ont vraiment eu peur à un moment d’avoir leurs têtes sur des piques. Ah oui, les grandes entreprises, quand il y avait le samedi terrible, là, avec toutes les dégradations, ils avaient appelé le patron du Medef [Mouvement des entreprises de France], Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, en lui disant : “Tu lâches tout ! Tu lâches tout, parce que sinon…” Ils se sentaient menacés, physiquement. »”

La migration des grues cendrées au jour le jour.

Le saviez-vous ? Les grues cendrées migrent en automne et au printemps, et traversent de fait la France en ce moment. La LPO observe ces déplacements et les cartographies, pour que vous sachiez quand lever le nez et être alerte pour les protéger si elles passent dans nos régions.