Cool links of January

Cool links of January

Finding and sharing links is what made the success of the internet. But recently, I’ve been finding it harder to find such links, and as I am not on most social media, sharing it is even harder. When you spend your time scrolling a timeline or another, you won’t see most of what your friends are sharing. I’ll try to make a post like this one at the end of each month with the cool links I found on the internet. They might be article, projects I want to share and more. I you have any cool links to share, feel free to send them over to me via email or Mastodon


Prismo is a soon federated link-sharing plateform. It works very much like HackerNews or JournalDuHacker, but can exchange links with otherplateform. Think a federated reddit, maybe ?

Post-Work : a world without jobs

The Guardian, 2018-01-19

Work is everywhere, but it’s not supposed to be like that. They are other ways to see our lives in this world, even if it means changing a few things in our society. A lot of questions are raised : does post work mean less money ? Less luxury ? Or more ? Do we even know how to live without work ? The article is quite long, but goes in depth with a lot of references.

How period tracking apps are monetizing women’s private health data

Bloomberg, 2019-01-24

More and more women are using apps to track there health data, and menstruation. But theses apps are also using this data to present ads, or sell products. What consequences does it have ? How do women think of it ?


“Assuming that one car has a surface area of about 5 square meter there are circa 35 square kilometre of sheet metal driving around. That’s enough to cover the entire inner city of Stuttgart or half of Hollywood or 3.500 football fields in metal. Imagine this area would be covered by green space!”

Knitting one row a day to record the temperatures

“So I cast off my 2018 temperature blanket on Jan 1st and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I knit one garter stitch row every day for 365 days based on the daily high temp for my city. It was a very rewarding project.”

De l’usage d’internet des familles modestes

Internetactu, 2018-09-21

Comment les familles modestes utilisent-elles internet ? Comment sont-elles équipées ? Quel culture ont-elle vis-à-vis de cet outil ? Une analyse sociologique qui apporte un petit éclairage sur la façon dont l’usage d’internet change en fonction de la classe sociale.

Toying with barcodes

Do you know how barcodes, thoses that we see everyday, work ? Did you know that you could hop on a plane thanks to a inkjet printer and a bit of time ? This video of DEFCON16 is a great introduction to security and how fucked up it is in our world.

How Late Capitalism manufactured K-Pop (and destroyed the idols)

The K-pop culture started in the 90s, with TV, well after western Pop. It was also born in the korean context, where liberalism and opposition to communism lead by a dictatorship shaped it’s futur. But, soon after, it transformed into much more than just a music genre. It’s now a manufactured culture for a whole country.