Cool links of May

Cool links of May

Degrowth is utopian, and that’s a good thing

Some people might argue that degrowth, in the economic sens, is utopian. That word is being used as a synomim to “impossible”. But, if you look at a definition of the word utopian, it might also mean “what has not been done, yet.”. And that’s a good thing : it means that we don’t know if it will fail or succed. But what we know for sure, is that growth is failling us. So, it’s utopian, and it’s a good thing.

One in four drivers in the US is being tracked while driving

“The reason for all this data is that at least one in five U.S. auto insurance policies now offers a potential discount if the customer consents to a vehicle monitor. "

Pubcast or the new RSS

Pubcast is an open-source, experimental replacement for RSS built on ActivityPub. The nice thing about it, it’s that it’s federated ! Which means you can boost some podcast you liked and share it with your friends. Also, it’s a two-way protocol, so feel free to like it !

Now, it’s still very early and I don’t see the difference between pubcast and a standar Pleroma or Mastodon account but I guess it’s underway and we’ll see soon enough.


A work in progress project that aims to federate forges, aka git repos. It would be greate to be able to have an account on one git repo and star, comment, open issues on any other forge that’s part of the federation. The end of github’s dominance maybe ?

A Manifesto for Opting Out of an Internet-Dominated World

Presents a book that reflects on the way Internet has now become omincious, and how we can get out of the internet.

Facial recognition is wrong 96% of the time. But that won’t stop it from being used…

Even if it’s very wrong, video facial recognition is still being used. When the algorithms are secret, but the results grant authority to institutions, you end up being locked up even if you’re innoncent, because a camera thought you where somewhere you where not.

Foursquare never forgets

The most intesresting part of this article is the game they talk about at in the first part of the article. It makes you realise the extent of the data they collected, and the power they have thanks to it.

A collection of links and web pages around camping, and survivalism.

Borneo sounds

The sounds of the forest of borneo. A good way to travel a bit, and to check on the last wild animals of the island.

Make your own radio station with a Raspberry Pi

If you ever wanted to make your own radio station, it’s now easier than ever ! You just need a Raspberry Pi and this repo. You can even display the name of the music currently playing on the radio players, like the big stations.

Taming the PiFM transmitter i.e making it actually usable.

The link above wouldn’t be complet without a good explanation of how to make the antenna and make sure the radio waves are well transmitted.


A project that aims to decentralise mapping. It’s still very early in developpement, so it’s time to give a hand !


“An especially problematic excision of the political is the marginalization within the cryptographic community of the secure-messaging problem, an instance of which was the problem addressed by David Chaum. Secure-messaging is the most fundamental privacy problem in cryptography: how can parties communicate in such a way that nobody knows who said what. More than a decade after the problem was introduced, Rackoff and Simon would comment on the near-absence of attention being paid to the it.” (Phillip Rogaway, The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work)

We need to save the spirit of FOSS

“If we take freedom and openness for granted, we’ll lose both. That’s already happening, and we need to fight back. The question is how.”

Les Liens cool du mois de Mai

Et si on fermait tous les data centers ?

Bah le monde se porterait mieux. Mais surtout, comment ferait-on ?

Facebook m’a rendu injoignable

Le mythe premier de facebook, c’est que tout le monde est dessus, et le deuxième mythe c’est que tout le monde est joignable sur facebook. Or, quand on confit ses moyens de communications à une entreprise privée qui ne répond devant rien ni personne, on peut se retrouver avec quelques soucis, dont on se rend compte des années après…

Coup de gueule sur le régime français

Dans quelques années, on se rendra compte à quel point le régime français est autoritaire et coule doucement vers un régime dictatorial avec une couche de peinture démocratique.

Comment le capitalisme avale notre vie privée

Tout ce que l’on produit peut et va être commodifié par le capitalisme. Le soucis, c’est que notre vie doit pouvoir rester privé pour que l’on ne soit pas forcé ou influencé dans nos décisions sans notre consentement. Mais quand l’économie glisse progressivement vers une surveillance tout azimut, comment est-ce encore possible ? Et quels sont les implications politiques d’une telle évolution ?

Microsoft </3 Linux

Microsoft aime Linux, askip. Mais en réalité, c’est surtout un bon moyen de co-opter les logiciels libre pour s’en assurer le contrôle.

Les trottoirs mouvant de Paris

Avant les trotinettes électriques, les trottoirs de Paris bougaient tout seul. Oui, vous avez bien lut, des trottoires qui se déplacent.

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