About me

What is this blog about ?

For the moment it’s mostly some articles I wrote. I plan on writing about ecology, tech, society, traveling, politics and fiction. If you like hastags, #SolarPunk, #VanLife, #DIY, #dWeb…

I’m writing in French and English, maybe even in Esperanto one day !

Most of the articles and general structure of the blog’s source is found in my git server ! Feel free to correct things or propose articles and such !

Who am I ?

I’m a student in his twenties. I’m trying to figure out life. If you have any thing to say to me, or would just like to tchat, hit me up at this email !

Projects and code

My git server is the main repository of code. Some of it is mirrored from other forges, such as Gitlab or Github.

How to follow this blog

You can follow this blog with :

How you can help

Writing is time-consuming, and sadly, I am forced to work to feed myself. Each euro you give me is a step ahead !

I accept donations via Liberapay for now, but if you prefer another way, I’m sure I can set it up for you. Just ask me !