Cool links of July

Cool links of July

Become a Van Dweller, for Amazon.

I’ve wanted to go live on the road for quite some time now, but I’m reading more and more articles about people living on the road not by choice, but by obligation. More and more people in the US live in vans, by it in California where living is too costly, or across the country. Some of theses people found a very odd job : buy stuff in superstores, and selling it for a profit on Amazon. Live in your van, and Bezos might reward you if you find the right stuff.

Nazi Punks fuck off - from the fediverse !

Decentralized networks are resistant to censorship, but that also means that when nazis come along, they are also immune… Or are they ? If the community resists them, they might not be censord, just isolated. Is that enough ?

Why would you implement a browser in the browser to browse what you could browse with a browser ?

A love story between Javascript developpers who need to prove something and slowness, all of it taking place in your very own browser.

Les Liens cool du mois de Juillet

La fraude fiscale révolutionnaire

En catalogne, ne payer d’impôt, c’est pas seulement un truc des grosses entreprises capitalistes. C’est aussi ce qui permet, entre autres, à la coopérative intégrale de préparer, selon elle, la révolution.